Commenting & communication
Commenting & communication
is our method to ensure alignment
Our always aim
Our always aim
is to keep our promise
Our focus
Our focus
is on customer satisfaction, caring our colleagues and our company

Ship Management Project

Our concern to provide this service for any vessel owner or other companies as their agent in Dubai & Oman ports

Marine Services projects

We provide port-related activities & any shipping agency activies to ensure the safe and expeditious flow of vessel traffic in Jebel Ali & sohar Port

Feeder & Charter project

We collect shipping containers from our planning routs ports and transport them to central container terminals which are loaded to bigger vessels for further transport & also we can give time/voyage Charter our vessel in the defined routs

Crew Management Project

Our concern to provide this service for any vessel owner or other companies as their agent in Dubai & Oman ports

Providing high quality service to customers and ensuring that every customer is satisfied with us.

Our colleagues & engineers are reliable, committed and experienced. They are highly professional in providing technical, service and operation services

We are committed to providing outstanding solutions and applying the latest technological methods that can create value for your company and institution.

We are aware that people are influencing the success of our business and we are hiring smart and experienced people who will create value for our customers and company.

Our Vision & Mission


  • As a Feeder shipping line with medium & small- sized ships fleet, we intend to provide access to smaller ports in the region and we’re adding values to your vessel’s operations with our ship management services.
  • Our vision is operating around the clock and in around the Middle East, India & Africa, and MC efforts to provide every client the quality and efficiency they need in every sector. Covering crew management and recruitment, quality ship management and technical services, together with supporting management and commercial services, with industry knowledge and performance assured.


  • years experience In the shipbuilding industry

About MC Modern Company

MC Modern services is an Omani feeder company with more than thirty year experience in its background and in Container Feeder operations throughout the Middle East, Asia and Africa and also in ship management.

Our Goal is to serve the Container Industry’s medium names through an integrated network of services connecting major shipping hubs to their surrounding markets and provide services for worldwide vessel owners in the geographical area of our business.

Our priority is the continuous improvement of our services, systems and processes to empower our clients

Ship Management

Technical Service

Crew Management